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before Tashan

mplaint, jewelry helpless again put speed slow some,rings the false fairy of those 12 classes he can not realize, but x-rated above of have to with at his after death! So at seal to print of the west of the ground, several thousand Kui Lei the strong make track for the bore Run is continuously in the whole west and turn leisurely,earrings take those Kui Lei bore Runs to all feel boring to pole, the other party really talk towards musting rise Kui Lei,necklaces this name, basically having no of realizing canning! "Bomb!Bomb!Qie!" On the advanced road bore Hao the sky they met some squads of Kui Lei again of obstruct, however those Kui leis basically aren't a bore Hao their opponents in the sky almost is to be exterminated on appearing,jewelry wholesale and bore Hao the sky and Long Zhan didn't also make moves, handing over to a star to show off their those small guyses is all right already! "Still have 300 inside of distance, that thunder Si should is able to discover especially our existed,jewelry but he still don't move position!"Long Zhan says. "Have not moved?Did he set out ambush over there?"Bore Hao eyebrows tiny Cu in sky, " elder generation dragon,fashion jewelry did you discover what special place there have?" Long Zhan shakes:"Have no, runescape money the whole northeast direction in addition to thunder Si especially of breathing outside only have more than ten Kui leis strong of the breathing is just all some false fairies of 34 classes,party dresses other of I have never discovered to have what abnormality!" Even Long Zhan didn't discover an abnormality, that almost can break to settle there don't have special place.But thunder Si especially why choose at conceal there, and should have been already discovered bore Hao for sky they of arrival the slightest didn't hide of meaning. The distance of 300 insides for these strong see to say to only is the effort for winking, soon they fly to the dragon fight fish for of place! "Right here, that thunder Si especially in this cave!"Long Zhan leads public arrived at one of huge matchless before Tashan i

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