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2009-03-31 18:42:25

As Newspapers Fail, Who Will Tell The Story Of Your Market?


The LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Baltimore Sun are in bankruptcy. More than 120 dailies are out of business most notably, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Rocky Mountain News.  
Many real estate practitioners consider the local newspapers to be a necessary evil; taking their advertising dollars while editorializing that it’s time for commissions to come down. When the Internet offered free advertising for listings, newspapers raised their display ad prices.
They refused to face the inevitable – that consumers would one day prefer to take their Blackberries into the bathroom to read the news. 
But the disappearance of local newspapers is a major problem for associations – there’s no place for consumers to learn about local market conditions.  Consumers are fed a steady of diet of fear by the national media, which the local press only repeats.
So what are consumers doing? Waiting for that whistle to blow that it’s now safe to buy a home.
Meanwhile, practitioners are losing business. Associations are losing members and dues. 
Should you stand by and watch your industry swirl down the drain? NO!
You have the weapons at hand to win the battle for the consumer
Newspapers were popular because you could learn everything from who made Eagle Scout to what’s happening in the local economy, including real estate.
But today, home buying information has been aggregated into gigantic useless indexes. Reports are sliced and diced from as few as 20 cities, (S & P Case-Shiller) and most of the news is presented to scare readers, not to help housing consumers decide whether or not it’s time to buy or sell a home.
You have the secret weapon already in your arsenal - your MLS. The Association and the practitioner can provide accurate sales data; however, sales data doesn’t tell the whole story of what’s happening in your local market.
Is your area adding or losing jobs? Are there new developments being constructed? Are new homes being built? Is the population growing or migrating?
This is the kind of information that consumers want and they aren’t getting.
Your Association and its practitioners can be heroes for stepping up and giving consumers what they need to overcome their fears.  
Here’s how
Associations and practitioners need local market news and data that they can distribute to real estate consumers. This arms the industry with data that helps buyers and sellers make informed decisions about the marketplace – and get the market moving again.
evansEmedia, Inc. creates custom local real estate news and content.
We partner with Associations and practitioners to create custom MarketClick emagazines, branded to the Association, broker or agent, filled with national and local news put into perspective. News that informs, not alarms. We help Associations and practitioners become the go-to source for local market conditions and advice. Email it, post it, and print it.
Fight market ignorance. Help consumers. Be open and generous with data.  Fight market ignorance. Help consumers. Be open and generous with data. Take control, take over where the newspaper left off... do it now and do it better.
Blanche Evans is CEO of Evans Emedia, Inc. and publisher of The Evans Ezine. As an award-winning journalist, Blanche has been named one of the "25 Most Influential People In Real Estate" by REALTOR Magazine, and twice recognized as one of the industry's most "Notables."   


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