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2009-02-24 17:18:24

Are You Riding the "Email Bus" to Work?

Do you use your own vehicle to drive your customers to homes they might be interested in, or do you herd them all to the nearest bus stop and wait for the next bus to arrive?

Recently a problem was posted in the
All Things Outlook group I started on RealTown.  The problem was "When I am using a wireless connection at my office, I cannot use Outlook to send email. I have to go directly to the Internet and by pass Outlook."

Some answers were posted in the group, and also on RealTalk, on how to fix this issue.  I didn't mention them because they simply "patch" the real problem, they don't "fix" it.  While you can get the information you need to change your email account settings in order to get around an issue that is a plague to many professionals, it is an indication of a problem that you should be solving with a different solution than getting someone else's permission to use your own email account.  Oh yeah, I forgot, that email account isn't really yours is it?  Are you the master of your own destiny, or just another slave at the mercy of a higher power?    You just might be figuring out as you read what I'm saying, that using someone else's choice in ISP's for you is putting you at their mercy and removing a huge level of control from your hands and placing it in theirs.

The real problem is, you either don't own your own domain, or you don't use your own domain the way you should be using it.  Oh, you might be saying to yourself, "I have Google, Yahoo, or some other so-called "free" email service and I can use it anywhere.  I never have these problems.  Or maybe the broker or that big franchise brokerage gave you your own email address and a web site too.  Well that's really nice of them... until you leave.  How long before that email address is pointing all incoming email to their "catch all" account and you no longer have access?  You really think you are going to spend the rest of your professional life working for the same company?  What if they go out of business?  Come on, you can think of other things that can change just like I can... I could make a list for you, but you really don't need that.

If you are using your personal email account the ISP you use at home, or work for that matter, has given to you, you should be changing that right now.  And I mean immediately!  You are putting your professional career at risk by allowing someone else to control one of the most valuable things you currently own... your email identity.  Doing this doesn't mean you have to give up those other email addresses.  If you want to hang on to that AOL or Hotmail account you've had for years, that's fine.  But you shouldn't be using those in your professional career... it's not "professional" is it? 

Any good real estate coach or trainer you might have met in your career training, will tell you what I'm saying right now.  Brand yourself!  Use it!  Set up your own domain email address and start using it.  Forward all of the other accounts to your domain email.  Since you can set up any number of email account names on your own domain, you can even forward email from these various accounts you may have to special email accounts on your domain. Then you can decide what email address to use when you respond to these messages. 

Send everyone you know your new email address using your new account.  And, even if you can't contact them because the mail bounces, you still have those old accounts forwarding your email.  Stop using the email account at the brokerage, unless you own it of course.  You need to start using your own account.  There is no better time to start than now.  I don't sell web sites or email accounts so I don't have any special interest in anything other than giving out some free advice from things I have figured out after 30+ years in the technology business.  And I practice what I am preaching here.

If you don't have the faintest idea of where to start, start by calling the folks that host this
RealTown site, Saul, Mike, John ... they have their own solutions that can help you, and you know they will take care of you.  But, no matter what you decide, decide something that changes this situation if you happen to be the one in it.  Don't wait either.  Some life changing event could be just around the corner that might take away any control you think you currently have over your professional destiny.

Get off the bus, and start driving your own car!

Check out InternetCrusade's Domain Name Marketing System and start branding yourself today.

Larry Perry is President and CEO of Double Density Software, maker of the the  RealeSeller contact management system. 

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