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2011-01-10 02:45:39

Are Open Houses a Waste of Time? Part II

Many agents love doing Open Houses and know how to make them work, while others begrudgingly hold them simply to appease their clients

Sellers, if you feel like your agent is going into it with the wrong attitude, you may want to consider taking the success of your Open House into your own hands.  In today's market, you need to do EVERYTHING you possibly can to get your home sold and Open Houses are one of MANY possible ways to do this. 

Here are 8 more Tips for improving your chances of finding a buyer during your next Open House:

  1. Invite your neighbors – they just might know someone who’s interested in moving to your neighborhood. (Who says you can't pick your neighbors?)
  2. Make sure visitors know exactly which door they should enter through.  Put a friendly note on the door welcoming them.   Be sure they know that there’s no need to knock and that they can just come right in.
  3. Create a poster board (nothing too obtrusive) or scrap book featuring local attractions and interesting articles about your city, town or neighborhood.  Highlight information about the area schools, recreation facilities, restaurants, community events.  Be sure to include photos of neighborhood block parties.  Buyers who are new to the area will appreciate this information.
  4. Be security minded!  Remove all valuable antiques, artwork, jewelry, etc. and place in safe storage.  Keep all medications (prescription and otherwise) out of sight. (ok, this one won't help you find a buyer, BUT it will keep you and your home safe!)
  5. Have a bank or mortgage representative (or your agent’s preferred lender), provide fliers showing various mortgage options. For example show what the monthly payments will be with 10% vs. a 20% down payment. This is a great way for potential buyers to determine your home’s affordability.
  6. Timing is everything. Try holding your Open House at the same time as another community event like a local festival, food drive or neighborhood yard sale. Find a way to tie the two events together.
  7. If the housing market in your area is extra sluggish and it’s really hard to get buyers to preview your home, you may want to try some extreme measures.  Some sellers are offering incentives like raffles and/or door prizes.  Others have actually hired chefs to prepare food in their gourmet kitchens, hosted themed parties and/or events and even arranged for live entertainment.  Be creative and you too might be able to get your house noticed.
  8. Finally, make sure your agent is diligent about soliciting feedback from your visitors.  Don't expect everyone to be enthusiastic about sharing their opinions.  But do LISTEN to the feedback you receive from those who are willing to give it.  Understanding why someone has chosen NOT to purchase your home is a valuable gift!  Of course it will be tough to hear something negative about your home, just try to keep an open mind.  You could actually be given a suggestion that will make all the difference in selling your house, you'd be wise to listen.

Do you like these ideas?  You'll find A LOT more just like them in the Ready2Sellin30Days, the do-it-yourself guide to preparing homes for sale.   Ready2Sellin30Days provides all the information and inspiration you need to get your house ready to sell in the quickest most economical way possible! 

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