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2007-01-31 11:00:00

ARDELL's Seattle Area Real Estate Blog

ARDELL's Seattle Area Real Estate Blog
Ardell DellaLoggia, ASP
Sound Realty
Kirkland, WA 98033


Ardell DellaLoggia, ASP, is arguably one of the most prolific real estate bloggers in the United States. She works with a very talented cast at the fashionable Rain City Guide, and serves up some real meat and potatoes real estate discussion on her ARDELL's Seattle Area Real Estate Blog.

Ardell has a quasi stream of consciousness style but gets right down to business with rich, honest, forthright, and no-holds-barred dicusssions about: Using the Internet to Buy Your Next Home, Making Offers. Her copy is rich with analogies and great graphics, like those in her collection of Real Estate Stories.

Like blogger Maureen McCabe, Ardell is a Top Ten Women Real Estate Blogger at Sellsius. We salute her!

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