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2010-12-30 06:57:17

Apple MA561 Battery

A long and healthy life iPod battery would give you more hours of entertainment. Follow these simple tips to live longer Apple MA561 Battery life. Put your iPod to sleep after listening Once you’ve done listening, turn your iPod to sleep to save battery power.

* Put your iPod to sleep after listening

Access the hard drive and use Apple A1008 Battery will also drain your laptop battery. Turning off unneeded equipment on your computer will increase the shelf life of batteries. Disabling startup items can help reduce the use of virtual memory, increasing the laptop replacement batteries life. Once you’ve done listening, turn your iPod to sleep to save battery power.

* Use the freely organize

Normally, we do not use this button often, after putting your iPod on standby, slide the Hold switch to “on” position. You ask yourself why? Because you click the wheel is very sensitive, if it gets worn in your pocket or a lump in your briefcase, it will start to play and your Apple MA458 Battery will be fully discharged.

* Control your iPod against the light

This is another battery drainer, a truly great. Reduce your backlight to two seconds or five seconds, never leave it always on. Here are the quick steps to doFrom the main menu, scroll down to Settings. Press the center select button, a list appears, select Backlight, then choose the time. In doing so, you will improve your APPLE M9324 Battery life for sure.

* Check your screen brightness

Do you need really bright screen? Adjusting the brightness can save a lot of your Apple M8403 Battery to turn the light you need more battery power. If you do down a bit, the battery life improves. Here’s how you can do, From reaching the main menu setting, scroll down the brightness and press the select button.

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