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2011-11-25 22:54:45

Alluring Home Views Over The Dunes Golf Course

Ever liked golfing? Or just always wanted the sweet, grassy smell of freshly mowed lawn, then West Palm Beach Homes for sale has just the right home for you. With a magnificent view over the Dunes Golf Course, you can enjoy the joys of golfing without even breaking a sweat or even moving out of your chair. Life is just so complicated where a plain duplex or condo is not enough anymore. Enjoy the other extras in life. Find the right place for you and your family where you can all have fun. Life is much too short.

West Palm Beach real estate is able to show you this great home, which has five bedrooms for you and your whole family plus guests. And you won’t have to be so hectic in the mornings with all but six bathrooms you can choose from, four being full ones and two being half ones. No bickering from the family there. With its exceptional floor plan, you can very well be transported to a utopia where everything from your very own library, where you and your kids can have some quiet and face the academic and work things away from the clutter of the rest. You even have your own loft where you can just idly and perfectly pass time while reading your favorite Grisham novel. Storage won’t even be a problem since this estate has ample amounts of space for it. It even has a three car garage where you, your wife and your eldest daughter can go unimpeded. The volume ceilings, the second floor impact glass, and the first floor hurricane shutters ain’t all that bad too. It gets you ready for any and all weather that can ever come your way. Still, you have your very own tropical pool with its own Jacuzzi when the weather’s all fine.

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