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2009-06-17 21:38:10

Allison James Estates and Homes® Continues to Grow and Expand


Allison James Estates and Homes® has experienced spectacular growth during its first sixteen months of operation.  The National Internet-Based Real Estate Company is based in Florida, and also has a thriving West Coast Office in San Diego. “Our greatest development to date has come in the Southern California market,” says James Crumbaugh III, CEO.  “The top Realtors in this region have not only adopted our business model, but have adopted it with a passion.” 

As a result of such explosive growth, Allison James Estates and Homes® has made the decision to start awarding territories to Regional Brokers in major Metropolitan areas in their larger states, i.e. California, Texas, Florida, New York and several of the Midwest States.
The company will be announcing their new Regional Brokers in Riverside County, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Shreveport, Louisiana within the next two weeks. These Regional Brokers will have the responsibility of recruiting Realtor® Associates for their territories, while the corporate office handles all the back office operations.
They’ve got these back office procedures down to a science. “Over the last sixteen months of operation, we’ve been able to build a back office operation that’s the envy of the industry,” says Crumbaugh.  “With the assistance of state-of-the-art technology, we manage the collection of all files and contracts, the supervision of all files and contracts, the oversight of all files and contracts, and the storage and maintenance of all files and contracts.”
The robustness of the back office operation has made the task of reviewing files and contracts by the Broker as easy as it can possibly be made, thereby allowing the Regional Brokers to concentrate on recruiting and the growth of Allison James Estates and Homes®.
“We are excited about finding the best of the best recruiters in the country,” Crumbaugh noted. Apparently there is plenty of incentive for these top recruiters to come on-board. “Not only do they earn a portion of the corporate income on all these Realtors,” Crumbaugh explained, “but over the seven-year initial licensing time for these territories, the Regional Broker creates a vested interest in the company.”  Plus, the Regional Broker also earns a recruiting bonus for every Realtor® Associate they recruit. “The portion of the corporate income and the recruiting bonus alone can amount to some significant income,” Crumbaugh observed, “for someone who likes to recruit.”
It seems that the vested interest in the company is just the frosting on the cake for a successful recruiter.  Crumbaugh calculated an example of how the Vested Interest is determined:  If a Regional Broker, at the end of seven years, has 500 Realtor® Associates working, paying an average of $295 per month to the company (Realtor® Associates pay a set fee to the company and then keep 100% of their commissions), the vested interest for the Regional Broker would be $1 million and change.
The goal of Allison James Estates and Homes® is to have 20 Regional Brokers in place by Labor Day of 2009, and to have 25 states up and operational by January 1st of 2010.  “This is one of the most exciting things to happen to Allison James Estates and Homes® to date,” Crumbaugh remarked. “The response to this program has been fantastic.”
Allison James Estates and Homes® welcomes qualified candidates with a managing Broker’s license in any state to contact Mr. James A. Crumbaugh III at or call 1-866-463-5780.

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