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2008-05-05 11:13:00

AgencyLogic Vendor Program Focus of Strong First Quarter Results

AgencyLogic (, the largest real estate industry provider of single property web sites in North America, today announced that sales from the first quarter of 2008 demonstrate record growth in revenue, registrations and total number of single property web sites sold with strong numbers generated from their recently updated Private Label and Affiliate Vendor Programs. 

AgencyLogic has seen a 58% increase in total new client registrations compared to the first quarter of 2007 and a 185% increase in registrations attributed to AgencyLogic’s Affiliate and Private Label Vendors compared to that same quarter. 

The total number of single property web sites sold grew 122% compared to last year’s first quarter with a record 230% increase in web sites sold by Vendor partners.  Total revenues for the company also increased by 62% over last year with a 171% growth in Vendor generated revenues, demonstrating the value of these programs.

“These results confirm that our ongoing effort to expand through the AgencyLogic Affiliate and Private Label programs is a success,” said Stephen Fells, CEO of AgencyLogic.  “We continue to look for other ways to increase growth through partnerships and acquisitions. With market conditions as they are, we are confident that we can leverage the effectiveness of single property web sites making them ubiquitous in the marketing of all forms of property.”

“We have worked hard to create a competitive software platform that any business can implement thereby allowing them to profit from the sale of single property web sites,” said Mark Wayman, CIO of AgencyLogic.  “We constantly work on ways not only to improve our product for the end user, the real estate professional, but for any organization in the real estate space that wants to profit from a proven, consumable technology.”

About AgencyLogic Vendor Programs

As the popularity of single property web sites continues to grow, AgencyLogic has created two programs that allow individuals, brokers and large organizations to sell PowerSites through an Affiliate or Private Label Program.  Included with both programs are various marketing tools, administration systems, pricing and commission flexibility, credit card processing, technical support, and a software platform that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing offerings and infrastructure.  AgencyLogic’s Vendor Programs can benefit any type of company looking to add a competitive service and additional revenue stream to their business.

About AgencyLogic

AgencyLogic is a division of Network Earth, Inc., a technology company founded in 1995 that specializes in Web-based software development for businesses.  Network Earth’s expertise includes application and Website development with the company recently moving into the social networking world with the formation of Social Gears, LLC. Today, PowerSites are the company’s main product, and are revolutionizing the way Realtors are marketing properties online by allowing them to affordably create a single Website for every listing.  For more information, please visit,, or

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