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2007-10-04 21:47:00

AgencyLogic and Allen Hainge Announce Best Agent Web Site

AgencyLogic, the largest real estate industry provider of single-property Web sites in North America, and leading technology coach, Allen F. Hainge, have announced that they have selected as the nation’s best real estate agent Web site.
The judging for this contest was based on Allen Hainge’s analysis guidelines from his highly acclaimed Web site evaluation services. 
The winner, by Diane Szoke and Carolyn Dubrofsky of Charleston Your Home, in Charleston, SC, was selected because of its focus as well as its clean, modern design and helpful information such as community details, searchable listings and a link to their blog.  More detailed information about what made this site a winner can be found at
“We selected this Web site because it is a beautiful, effective site, one that exhibits simplicity, elegant design, ease of navigation and, if I may say so, serenity,” said Allen Hainge, CRS.  “This site recognizes and meets the needs of today’s consumer rather than focusing on the agents.”
“We would like to thank everyone who submitted their Web site to the contest,” said Stephen Fells, CEO of AgencyLogic.  “There were many great agent Web sites to choose from, but we feel that our winner really demonstrates an understanding of what today’s real estate consumer is looking for when they go to the web to find an agent or look for listings.”
About Allen Hainge

Allen F. Hainge, CRS, (shown at right) is the president of the Allen F. Hainge CyberStars, a group of 200 agents from the US, Canada, the Bahamas and Australia who dominate their markets through the use of today’s technology.  Allen has conducted real estate marketing seminars in 43 states, has been a featured technology speaker at 12 NAR annual conventions and at numerous franchise national conventions.  He is an instructor for the CRS two-day technology course nationwide.  Allen also evaluates agent Web sites online as part of his site evaluation service.  

About AgencyLogic

AgencyLogic is a division of Network Earth, Inc., an international technology company that specializes in Web-based software development for businesses.  Network Earth’s expertise includes application and Website development as well as new venture startups.  It was founded in 1995 by two British technology experts in order to take advantage of new business opportunities in the burgeoning Internet and World Wide Web arenas. Today, PowerSites are the company’s main product, and are revolutionizing the way REALTORS are marketing properties online by allowing them to affordably create a single Web site for every listing. 

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