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2011-06-27 17:15:07

Adjust Your Focus

Hello Good Negotiators

We have all experienced situations where we couldn't see the forest for the trees.  In other words, what we try to see the clearest is often concealed by lack of proper focus.

Adjust Your Focus

Fred goes into a negotiation convinced that the prospective buyer will attempt to beat him down on price just like the last guy.  His defenses are up as are his sensitivities.  He comes across somewhat hostile and verbally contentious.  Such a posture will certainly doom the negotiations to failure.

Fred would be wise to adjust his focus.  That could be accomplished by remembering three key concepts.

First, don't let painful memories of the last negotiation taint the possibilities of our next encounter.  Carrying bad baggage will be communicated by attitude, tone and word choice.  Think positively.

Maintain high aspirations.  Study after study confirms that one's aspirations going into a negotiation dramatically impact our performance and our results.

Second, filter your positions and proposals through the perspectives of your opponent.  Sell value first and continuously.

Keep the focus on how much they will be getting (and benefiting) rather than on what they will be paying.  Make no apology for price.  Everyone knows that they get what they pay for.

Third, add some creativity to tip the balance in your favor.

What's the one little extra item that can often sway the negotiations in your favor? 

If you're selling something, consider providing a full no questions asked money-back guarantee or a free trial usage. 

Many good negotiators, at the last moment, throw in a 'gift card'

type certificate.  This item provides spendable dollars toward a future purchase of advice, support or ancillary services or products.   Most people file away the gift card and never use it.

If they do use the card they may use only part of it or purchase more products or services than the gift card provides.  Either way, it's a great concept. 

If you say, "My negotiations aren't conducive to a gift card bonus.",  you're probably not thinking outside the box or looking at the situation as to what your opponent values or desires.

Good negotiators can see opportunities and employ techniques that others tend to miss. 

Remember to adjust your focus as you KEEP Negotiating.

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