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2011-10-05 03:54:33

About the UGG trademark dispute

UGG been called ugly boots, is the ugly shoes, and later evolved together, and create a lot of UGG brand of shoes, on UGG's trademark, there are also considerable controversy. In 1971, Australian surfer Shane Steadman, UGH for their own registered trademarks. In 1979, surfer Brian Smith with a group of sheepskin boots to the United States, and in 1985 the United States registered their trademarks, trade with the words "Original UGG Australia Boots ", the trademark is the ram head shape. Followed by Deckers Corporation in Australia "UGH" trademark. Then "UGG" brand around the world get started. 1996 UGG trademark registered in China, manufacturers slowly into China from Australia.

In some countries, UGG trademark has been controversial, UGG is a registered trademark of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, plagued by disputes outside, Deckers companies protect their trademarks, put on the market eight million dollars to advertise, UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803 demand surge, the first snow boots in online sales in Australia there is the beginning, the company was prevented by Deckers, Deckers Corporation response to this initiative, the relevant Australian manufacturers who are united to become the Association of Women's Bailey Button 5803 Discount Deckers's struggle with the stated grounds that Australian manufacturers are already doing these boots made ??for decades, which is also sold in the United States, including in the United States and the Netherlands State, the Court rejected the "UGG is generic name of goods," saying to protect the validity of the UGG trademark.

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