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2012-01-11 15:03:08

A Sparkling Image Sells

You approach a store or restaurant and immediately form an impression that is pivotal to whether you enter or not. You haven’t even set foot in the place yet! Once you’re in, many things come into play to reinforce your initial perception, neutralize it or negate it. If the store is well managed and the hosts manage to further the image they portrayed on the outside, through the setting, environment and overall experience, you might just buy and even come back again in the future and maybe even bring a friend. If on the other hand you get disappointed, you might leave and go somewhere else across the street.

We’d all agree that the ideal scenario that is a storefront is very appealing, inviting and makes you feel good about approaching the place. When you walk in, you are greeted in a like fashion and the environment is pleasant, clean, refreshing and up to date.89dbf6af2fedde92c0f9320c6b77c226 300x222 A Sparkling Image Sells

But it takes work to keep a place up like that every day. Consistency in the way the store and the merchandise are presented is paramount. But also the quality of product, service and staff knowledge. Everything works together to build a brand that makes people want to associate with. It’s part of running a successful business.

The same applies to your online storefront. Yes, your broker or agent website.

Consumers today come online to research and shop. The perception they garner as soon as they land on your home page is, like a brick and mortar storefront, paramount. Once they are in, quality content and information, and quick, courteous and knowledgeable service will be expected. An engaging environment with useful information that reassures of your knowledge and focus on the customer is yet another feather in your cap. Else, there are many other places they can go to for their need. That would be your competitors.

As real estate professionals, many may question how frequently a website should be updated or revamped, and fresh content added or updated. Whether design elements should often be upgraded or left alone.

Think of it as a store. A business that you run. Always fresh content, busted bulbs quickly replaced, broken or stale items removed or replaced, always up to the image you want to portray, always compelling and a stand out compared to your competition. As for the storefront and signage, clean kept and updated every once in a while to stay with the trends and maintain a fresh up to date look is also important. That’s your overall website design, colours, font and so on.

It’s simply good business sense.

But to build and maintain a sparkling image for your brand and website takes some work. Ideally, a bit everyday of the week. And once in a while, a major overhaul. So aim to login to your site daily if you can, read through and update some content with new data and information, or add some new photos, or articles, tours, neighborhood news, buying and selling tips, and respond the messages. Also add new services or capabilities if you have access to them.

Put yourself in your prospective customer shoes. What would attract them to your store? It’s all about them. Think and act that way when it comes to your website and suddenly you’ll find more people coming over to visit. They may also tell a friend or two about you.

That’s just how it is.

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