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March 21, 2018

Why Not Get as Much as You Can out Of Facebook as You Can?

Facebook has amazing amounts of data and information about most of us. The information that can be derived from each of our activities on Facebook should have more restrictions on its use, some are thinking. We may be beginning to wake up to the power of data and the potential for Facebook abuses around the collection and use of our data.

Part of the problem is that most people do not understand the concepts of deriving intelligence from data and our activities on Facebook.

We have similar issues in the real estate industry where people, companies, and entities who know little to nothing about the business of residential real estate sales, want to create new rules.

More to come on the attempts to manipulate the MLS Story and gain more government intrusion, couched in a concept of innovation and consumerism. We have been down this road before. It may be ten-year-old news, but what is old is new again. Stand by.

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