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July 10, 2018

What's in a Name?

If you google my name, you will find that there is someone with the same name as me, he was one of the founders of Skype and yet I own the domain, Saul Klein dot com. Why?

I registered the domain before he tried to register the domain. Which Saul Klein should be allowed to own that domain? First come, first served.

Step One - Register your personal domain name and, "Make a Name for Yourself"

Your unique domain name is the cornerstone of your Internet Identity, your brand and address on the internet. If your domain name is still available, do not waste time, register it before someone else does, making it forever unavailable to you.

You see domain names everywhere these days,,,, Yours can be or your business name or slogan ( Your name already plays a big part in your marketing.

This is something you should do now….names are being reserved at the rate of more than 150,000 per month. Some businesses are reserving multiple names (Proctor & Gamble has registered over 1,500.)

Take the big step and register your name today at MyRealTown.

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