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February 14th, 2018

What Information is Valuable From the Seller to the Buyer

Info for the new owner (buyer) asks for this information (and more) information from the seller maybe when you take the listing.
Days of Interest:
* Garbage collection day
* Recycle day - Is there a fee or is it free?
* Green Day
* Forwarding address of the seller
Instructions for:
* Sprinklers system
* Furnace
* Humidifier
* Water softener
* Central air
* Air cleaners
* Fridge
* Stove/Range
* Ovens
* Dishwasher
* Garbage Compactor
* Mail Box keys
* Security Systems & Keys
Warranties for:
* Appliances
* Roof
* Carpets
* Another flooring
* Garage Door Openers
* Entry Keys
* Storage Shed keys & locks
* Utility panel Keys & locks
* Phone company number and how to apply for new service
* Power company (along with most recent bills to estimate usage) and how to apply for new Service?
* City recreation info (we have a rec dept here with lots of useful info)
* Phone numbers and URL of schools, principals, private schools, daycare
* centers, list of teenage babysitters
* Closest Mall, Hospital, churches
List of vendors to provide plumbing, electrical, A/C help or warranty info:
* Post office location
List of takeout restaurants for pizza, Chinese, etc., list of restaurants by fast food/quality/map directions
* Closest Blockbuster or other video stores
The name and number of their next-door neighbors, one on each side and across the street, along with an introduction and a coupon for a free pizza (or Chinese, or ???), so they can have a housewarming party and let the kids (if any) get to know each other. I usually throw a housewarming party for my new buyers or sellers, get a mailing list, cater it, and it's great PR!!
The number of the HOA person so they can get a newsletter and learn about their neighborhood.
Put them on a drop list to receive info about real estate values in the neighborhood and get referrals.
Anything else?

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