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July 26, 2018

The New Real Estate Professional: A Term We Coined

John Reilly and I wrote this in 1998, and it was in our 2002 book, "The Real Estate Technology Guide" as well as in the ePRO Online Course of Instruction when John and I ran the program.

We have always been a little ahead of the curve, often to our financial detriment.  So perhaps we have more insight than most when we suggest that we are close to the Tipping Point." Experiencing a tipping point is what people mean when they warn you to, "Get ready for the change."

The New Real Estate Professional

Participates in an Online Business Network: As the new real estate professional's business moves from paper-based commerce to electronic commerce, the players in the typical real estate transaction become linked electronically. Available transaction management systems will streamline the processing and closing of the transaction. The new real estate professional is an expert transaction manager. On command, the new real estate professional can alert the appraiser, surveyor, attorney, home inspector, and lender via to start work and to submit reports and documents electronically. Those players who are not up to date with the new technology will not be part of the closing process and may be looking for a different line of work.

Engages Consumers: For better or worse, the days of the "real estate mortician" are gone forever. You know the real estate morticians - they are the real estate professionals who throw buyers into the back seat of the car and drive them around until they're dead. No more! Today's connected consumers want to be actively engaged in the process. Moreover, they demand that the real estate salespeople working on their behalf add real value to the transaction, typically in the form of interpreting and applying the wealth of information in the best interests of the client. There is no mistaking the new real estate professional. Look for the salesperson with the most transactions in progress. 

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