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November 05, 2018

The First Serious Online Real Estate Community

In December of 1995, we "pitched" the idea of an online community and more to the then VP of Marketing for RIN, Bob Goldberg (REALTORS Information Network).

Here is what we said about RealTalk (in 1995)


When it comes to online services, content is king. At the heart of this plan to provide top quality content to RIN's business and communication network are the National Electronic Publishers, a team of whom is arguably considered the most highly qualified individuals serving in this capacity on any online service in the world. RIN's Electronic Publishing Team of Saul Klein, John Reilly, and Jack Harper have over 70 years of experience in the fields of real estate, communication, law, and technology (see resumes in Supporting Documents Section).

Together they lead a group of nationally known real estate personalities and subject area experts, who serve as moderators, or discussion group leaders. In order to ensure that content is current, accurate, and responsive to the immediate needs of the user, procedures have been set up to evaluate existing discussion corners, create new ones, and stimulate increased participation. The current structure of RealTalk is as follows:

• 16 "Corners" (technically these are known as banners)

• 26 "Discussion areas" (books)

• 160 "Discussions (threads)"

Each area is monitored by an appropriate subject area expert, and the overall content is reviewed numerous times daily by the publishing staff. Moderators and publishers serving the dual roles of moderator/trainer will give RealTalk the marketing boost it needs to take off during the rollout period. Even Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton have to do a book tour to get people to buy their books. Not only do we need to motivate them to buy, but we must also motivate them to read (substitute "use," get online, participate). This requires interaction.

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