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January 11, 2018

TBT Tech History

I listened and watched "The Future of MLS" panel yesterday. It was very good (for the most part). There is a lot of talk about a "National Database." We did the work to make this happen ten years ago.
At Point2, I became CEO in December of 2007. Here is some of the tech we accomplished:


- syndicating to 35+ websites
Shift in Company Strategy from data acquisition on a one on one basis to REALTORS, to one of data acquisition from MLSs.
- work begins on a huge project to build new data platform for importing listing feeds directly from MLSs. (all listings had been manually entered by users of Point 2 Agent up to this point) (Java & SQL Server)
- development methodology migrated to Agile – Scrum, and XP (eXtreme Programming)
- service oriented architecture was adopted to avoid tight coupling between Point2 Agent/Point2 Homes and the data aggregation and distribution platform.
- data easily accessible by internal and external applications via numerous REST APIs that expose both data and services.
-Several new technologies were introduced to accommodate this massive undertaking (Java, Hibernate, MySQL, python/django)


- Massive project to import listings from multiple MLSs is well on its way. Our first MLS comes online mid-2009. By the end of 2009, we had dozens of MLS feeds integrated and syndicating.

- A dashboard is introduced to allow MLSs, Brokers, Agents to manage syndication and purchase additional applications (including Point2Agent). – (Python/Django, MySQL)
- Point2Agent cross-browser compatible
- Migrated overloaded web-based email services to Rackspace

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