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April 26, 2018

TBT - Kodak Swag, Remember Kodak?

Kodak led the world in photography. Not only did the company make some of the best and most popular cameras in the world, but Kodak had hundreds of patents, patents, camera patents, photo paper patents, and photo ink patents, and Kodak invented the technology that drove Kodak into bankruptcy.

That technology represented a "paradigm shift" in photography, the invention of digital cameras.

Our first sponsor when we set out to introduce technology to the real estate industry was Kodak (we gave away Kodak Digital Cameras at all of our events). We traveled to Rochester New York in 1998 and worked to introduce digital cameras into the real estate industry. Its biggest competitor was the Sony Mavica.
Kodak fought internally over the future of the digital camera. Watch the video clip prepared internally for Kodak. It is hilarious, and a warning.

Remember: "When a Paradigm Shifts, everyone goes back to zero. Your past success guarantees nothing when a paradigm shifts. In fact, your past success may blind you to the future." Joel Barker, The Business of Paradigms

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