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August 28, 2018

Six Tips to Help Shift You to Higher Productivity

Do you work a lot, yet produce less than you think you should for all your hard work? 

Getting Paid for Results

In the real estate business, you only get paid for the results produced. You don't get paid for showing up or for getting ready. The difference between the hugely successful and the wannabees is the effective use of time. 

During their first year, new agents often spend lots of time on those activities that primarily give them experience and sometimes, teaches them what NOT to do. The habits and activities that are needed to learn the business are often different than those required to be wildly profitable. 

Experienced, successful agents prioritize and focus on the activities that are the highest and best use of their time. They practice habits that support creating results, rather than getting ready or being busy. They delegate to others the tasks that aren't their strength or best use of their time. Busy doesn't necessarily mean productive. 

Know What's Working

As I coach my clients in their business planning, I ask them to review each week, "What's working?" and "What isn't working?" This kind of analysis gives us the clues to leverage their actions and priorities into the more lucrative payoffs. You can get some great insights by asking these same two questions about your recent business. Perhaps, taking the time frame since the beginning of the year and making two lists, one for each question. Then consider ways you can choose what is already working and do more of that! Next, consider what isn't working and stop doing those things.

Remember, if you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting what you are getting. It may be that something isn't working because your natural skills are weak in that area, such as follow up or paperwork. If you are committed to success this year, you must stop doing what you don't do well and find a way to do more of what brings forth your talents 

A few tips to help you shift to higher productivity: 
  • Focus.  Begin each day by identifying your three top priorities for the day (in line with your goals). Write these down or keep them in front of you all day. 
  • Delegate and Outsource.  What are you doing that can be outsourced? If you don't have an assistant, you are an assistant. Perhaps a virtual assistant is an answer. You can buy back hours of your time for $10-$12 per hour! Or even paying someone $35-$50 an hour for their expertise can be a bargain. Have you ever spent hours trying to fix a computer problem that a techie solved in 15 minutes? I have, and I don't do that anymore! 
  • Peak Your Performance.  If your weekly schedule includes at least one Peak Performance Day, you'll focus 80% of your time and energy on the dollar-productive activities that day and find yourself accomplishing more. Imagine how you operate the day before vacation, how you are in action and focused that day and get it all done. Spend one day each week pretending that you must get all the work done for the week; you'll be amazed at what you can do with intentionality. 
  • Create Boundaries.  Stop letting other people determine your priorities. Don't let people interrupt you. I know this is hard for many of you, but let the phone go to voicemail when you are doing something that is one of your top three priorities for the day. Close your door at the office or politely tell the interloper that you are in the middle of a project with a deadline and could they come back later? Don't take calls late at night or on your days off. If you don't honor yourself and your time, others won't either. However, most people will respect them if you have communicated them Start telling people what you need/want them to do. 
  • Don't Work with Jerks.  If you don't respect yourself and your time, others probably won't show you respect either. Fire the energy drainers, the people who don't fit your perfect client profile, the unreasonable sellers, and the people who do not respect you and your boundaries; these are people who suck energy and time. You will open up space for the good ones to show up. Don't get drawn into scarcity thinking; there are enough friendly people to work with that you shouldn't have to work with jerks. 
  • Invest Only The Technology You Need.  You do not need it all, but you do need all the tools that will save you time and money. Develop a budget each year and stick to it. A good allotment for technology would be 10% of your gross. Then determine a timeline for what you will buy this year and when. What are the next three items that will enhance your business the most? 

If you can even free two hours a week in shifting to more productive activities, you'll find it will make a big difference. Use those hours to be more obvious: invite past clients to breakfast, or go to a networking event. 

Connect face to face with more people, and you will do more business. Most of all, have some fun each day. People want to do business with people who are fun to be around, not needy salespeople!

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