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September 6, 2018

Relationships and the Real Estate Business

Real Estate sales is a “people business” and a “networking” business. The greatest tool to facilitate human interaction (networking) is the Internet. REALTORS®, therefore, must learn how to extend their networking efforts in this additional environment.

The Internet environment was not invented for the real estate industry. The industry must, therefore, learn how to integrate the capabilities of today’s “social networking” functionality into the prospecting, home buying, and home selling process. When we first were introduced to e-mail, many were skeptical that it would ever be of any value beyond sending jokes to friends. We have since learned of the business power of e-mail. Same holds true for social networking; people will learn how to adopt this technology for the prosperity of their business.

Social networking allows REALTORS® to remain in the “center of the conversation” about real estate, and essential to the transaction.

Many are selling REALTORS® a “bill of goods” around the hype around social networking. It is not about social networking for real estate sales; it is about social networking because that is what people do, they network. The systems on how to maximize the time one spends online will come in time. 
Some ask: “when will have time to do this?

It is a matter of priorities. Don’t watch CSI or Desperate Housewives and you will have a few extra hours a week.

Have you ever known a REALTOR® that goes to the same community lunch, every month, for 20 years, and never got a listing or a buyer from the group, and yet they keep going back. Much of one’s prospecting efforts are fruitless. Eliminate the fruitless and experiment with “social media.”

Best way to learn the ropes: Right here.

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