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July 23, 2018

RealTown's Adventures at Inman Connect 

First, congratulations to Brad Inman and Team for another outstanding Industry event. I have mixed feelings about the move of the West Coast event to Las Vegas next July, but I plan to attend anyway.

Connections - This event is always a great place to meet industry friends and colleagues and discuss what is happening, and what everyone believes will happen. The Connect event this year was no different in that regard.

John Reilly and I interviewed many vendors and discovered Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software is everywhere and part of everything. We will make all of the videos available one by one here on RealTown and RealtyTimes.

The technology to facilitate the last steps of tying transaction components of a sale together with technology include: Property, Person, Finance, Property and Insurance.

Based on the technology and the money pouring into the space, the pace of change will continue to accelerate.

My conclusions:

Commissions are under pressure and will decline for many reasons.

Some people who believe they have the answers, do not.

Consumers will support, at least for now, different business models entering the Industry.

As usual, we had a few meals at Cafe Mason.

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