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January 8, 2018

Online Tips to Maximize your Social Media Efforts

Build an online persona, an "Online Presence." The goal is for people to know and feel comfortable with you (trust, the foundation of relationships) without actually meeting you in person.

Think about your posts read them twice before hitting Send.

Avoiding the use of pronouns will make your post more readable and understandable.

Be helpful and share collaboration is one of the rewards of social media.

Learn to handle and manipulate information from various sources on the web.

Observe copyright law.

Learn where people congregate on the Internet and for what reason (more places than FB).

How do you prospect now? Do you spend time as a member of a club or group? Relationship and referral (special interest, community) based marketing requires a commitment of time, be it in the real world, or online.

Establish discipline. Spend 30 minutes per day participating in online communities learning more about the Internet and technology, and meeting new people.

Some of this participation can be delegated to assistants, but you might like it and be good at it so don't rule out that possibility.

Post and comment when you can add to the conversation.The more you post and share the more exposure and Internet Presence you will gain, and the more likely you will receive referrals from other real estate professionals.

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