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November 9, 2018

Negotiating Tip 20: Seven Negotiating Failures

Do any of these describe you?

The Big Seven

When negotiations don't turn out as we had hoped, we often look for the cause.  One doesn't have to look very far because 99% of all negotiating failures are due to one of the big seven reasons. 

See if these resonate with you.

1.     Weak knowledge of key motivators

2.     Poor handling of alternatives and options

3.     Failure to fully acknowledge the concerns of others

4.     Impatience/ poor timing

5.     Allowing emotions to escalate

6.     Negotiating with the un-empowered

7.     Poor close, not asking for the deal you want

To which of these are you most vulnerable?  

Anticipation and preparation, that's the key to success to avoiding these mistakes as you KEEP Negotiating.

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