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December 03, 2018

Name, Change Of

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Name, Change Of

Use of a new name. A person may change his or her name merely by using another name with the intention to make that the legal name, as long as the change is not done with fraudulent intent. However, because of potential identification problems, most parties changing their names go through a formal name change procedure that usually involves filing a petition with the proper state authorities. They may also be required to publish the change in the local newspaper for a statutory period of time.

A name change can also be embodied in a divorce decree permitting a woman to resume use of her maiden name or that of another former husband. A corporation can change its name by an amendment to its articles of incorporation, which must be filed in the state of incorporation.
People who change their names should be sure that the new name is properly noted at the registrar of titles if they own registered property and at the recorder’s office if they own any other recorded properties. For example, a recorded document should be amended to read, “Cathy Jones, being the same person who acquired title as Cathleen J. Arbuckle.”

If a person uses one name as a grantee of property and then grants the same property under another name, there will be a potential defect in the recorded title. When the second deed is recorded, it will not be recorded in the proper chain of title and therefore will not give constructive notice to the world of its contents. For example, if Patty Lee, a single woman receiving title as such and later changing her name through marriage, should convey title as Patty Wilson, there would be a defect in the record title. Patty Lee should convey title as “Patty Wilson, formerly known as Patty Lee.” An appropriate entry would therefore be made in the grantor-guarantee index so that a title company searching the title could see that the new deed was derived from the chain of title in which Patty Lee was the grantee.

It is helpful to title searchers for a married woman to continue using the name given by her parents. For instance, Patty Ann Lee would become Mrs. Patty Ann Wilson or Mrs. Patty Lee Wilson, not Mrs. Robert Wilson.

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