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July 25, 2018

Making a Name for Yourself: Owning Your Own Domain

The domain name you are interested in might not be available tomorrow. Domain names are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a name is taken, it is gone. Domain names are unique. Only one person or entity can hold a license for a particular domain. As a general rule, do not register a domain containing someone else's federally registered trademark.

Companies and people are quickly realizing that a domain name is the foundation of one's Internet identity. It is becoming evident that having an Internet address is mandatory in today's real estate business, as important as having a phone number. Whether you decide to use the domain now or later, once registered no one else can use your domain name (for the duration of the license period). The smart business decision is to register your name and/or company name without delay so that the domain(s) will be available when you choose to use it, rather than find out someone beat you to it, and purchased it the day before. Many people buy several domain names and point them to their website (called pointer domains.)

Secure your Internet identity today. Buy your domain name now. You can park the domain until you decide to use it for e-mail or a website. To use a domain, it must be hosted on a domain name server, which can then direct traffic to your e-mail account and website. Visit MyRealTown today to secure your branded domain and make a name for yourself!

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