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July 26, 2018

Make a Name for Yourself: Own Your Domain

Domain Hosting: A Primer for Making it to Primetime on the Web!

Your domain host should offer you the ability to point any request to your domain to any website you indicate, and direct your email to any email account.

The first level of the domain name (TLD) usually indicates the type of entity that owns the domain: (.com) commercial, (.mil) military, (.edu) educational, (.gov) government, and more. 

When a Second Level Domain is registered (, the Registry requires the Registrant (owner) to provide two Domain Name Servers (primary and secondary) for each domain. If you don't own your own domain name servers when you register a domain name, you can use the services of someone who does, by providing their DNS numbers to the Registry, as the Primary and Secondary address for your domain.

Your domain host should make sure that web requests to your domain locate your website, whether or not the person attempting to find your site typed WWW into the browser address box. Other issues might prevent a "call" from reaching its desired destination, but not the inclusion or exclusion of the WWW. Be sure to ask your domain host to make the appropriate entry so that your website can be accessed with or without the WWW.

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