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September 28, 2018

MONEYMA$TERY - Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny

I found this outline of a program I once offered. I think it is still pretty relevant and will continue to discuss these points here and in selected Facebook Groups.

I. Information - The value and the cost of information

II. The context of your personal finance

III. The business of your personal finance

IV. Threats to your financial success

A. The government is trying to kill you

B. Short term mentality

C. Attitude

D. Poor planning skills

V. The personal side of personal finance

A. Your financial needs

B. Your parent’s financial needs

C. Your children's financial needs 

D. Healthcare

V. YOUR Plan - from where you are NOW

VI. The Magic of Compound Interest

A. The Cost of Waiting

VII. The Three Skills of personal financial management

A. Cash Flow Management

B. Investment Management

1. Loaning or Owning, that is the question

2. Income or Growth 

C. Risk Management

VIII. The financial periods of your Life

A. Awareness, Accumulation, Preservation, Disposition

X. Types of Investments

A. Stocks and Bonds

B. Mutual Funds

C. Ginnie Maes

D. Real Estate

E. Trust Deeds

IX. Investment strategies

A. Diversification

B. Asset Allocation

C. Dollar Cost Averaging 

X. Tax aspects

XI. Retirement planning

A. IRAs/Keoghs/SEPs/401(K)/Self-Directed Plans

XII. Estate planning

B. Living Trusts/Family Limited Partnerships/Gifts

XIII. Implementing your plan of action

XIV. Eight secrets of financial success

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