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February 16, 2019


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1. Permission or authority to do a particular act on the land or property of another, usually on a 1. nonexclusive basis. A license is a personal, revocable, and nonassignable right, but unlike an easement, it is not considered an interest in the land itself. If a right to use another person’s land is given orally, it is generally considered a license rather than an easement. The land¬owner may revoke such a right at any time, unless it has become irrevocable by estoppel. A license ceases upon the death of either party and is revoked by the sale of the land by the licensor. For example, a landowner who grants a friend permission to enter his property for hunting purposes thus grants the friend a license to use the land. If an owner mistakenly builds a rock wall across the boundary line so that it encroaches onto the neighbor’s prop¬erty, the owner sometimes pays the neighbor for a license to keep the rock wall in place. This arrangement should be reduced to a formal encroachment agreement that is signed and recorded so that it runs with the land. 

2. Formal permission from a constituted authority (such as a state real estate commission) to engage in a certain activity or business (such as real estate brokerage or real estate appraisal).

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