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November 05, 2018

Lead Generation

What's the number one thing (and then other things you do) to generate business? Farming, cold calling, website, etc?

Here is My List of Six:

1. Buyer and Investor seminars

2. Started a tax practice, as most of my real estate clients always had tax questions. I took the course required to be a tax preparer, registered with the state of California, and then every working adult I met became a candidate (call them a lead) for my tax services. As a tax preparer, I quickly became familiar with my tax clients' real estate holdings (Schedule E), current levels of depreciation, and needs for more write-off. So, while most real estate professionals pay to prospect, I got paid to prospect.

Prior to opening my own tax practice, I promoted my real estate services to tax preparers, some of whom got real estate licenses so they could receive referral fees.

3. Property Management Accounts

4. Referrals 

5. Volunteered at my Association

6. Floor Time

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