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September 14, 2018

How to Succeed in Real Estate Sales: A Primer

Master as many forms of engagement as required for your success. Relationships are built (and destroyed if you are not careful) through engagements.

Engagements take you one step closer to the next phase of the sales cycle. Do what computers cannot do.

Engagement methods have grown in number over the years. Engagement types have different degrees of influence and power. Consistency in offline and online engagements is key. Examples of engagement types are:
  • Personal contact – usually the most powerful form of engagement.
  • Phone calls – sometimes leaving a message will suffice.
  • Letters – in the not too distant past, relationships were built and maintained through letter writing.
  • Email – Today, not all email is being delivered, a fact that you must always consider.
  • Texting – Perfect for some people and perfect for certain circumstances.
  • Messaging – platforms designed to centralize agent communications
  • Social Media – today we have many opportunities to engage on a daily basis. A “Like” is an engagement, as is a “Share” and a “Comment.” Use multiple engagements to strengthen your relationships. Social media allows for continuous engagement.

There are many new engagement tools and people do have their preferences. Differentiate yourself from your competition simply by asking new contacts their preferred method of communication. Most agents fail to ask this basic communication question.

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