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February 19, 2018

Generational Marketing - Know Your Audience

It is important to your success in real estate sales, to know and understand the concepts of "Generational Marketing."
(Don't get caught up in the "Horoscope Aspect" of placing people into Cohorts based on their year of birth).

The last century encompassed about five Generations. You may find slightly varying time frames and names of these cohorts in different reference material. Also, it seems that the time between Generations is growing shorter.

The members of each of these Generations Have:

Different Life Experiences
Different Expectations
Different Needs

MILLENNIALS (1982-2000) - I think this cohort was once referred to as Gen Y - My granddaughter's Generation

We also hear of The Net Generation, the cohort of young people born between 1982 and 1991 who have grown up in an environment in which they are constantly exposed to computer-based technology. It has been suggested that their methods of learning are different from those of previous generations.

Net Gen
2 Billion World Wide
Bathed in Bits

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