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February 21, 2018

Generational Marketing 2

Learn the language of your buyers and sellers

It is important to first understand Generational Differences and how Generational attitudes and philosophies are formed and influenced.

This knowledge will give you insight into the best way to communicate and market to members of each Generation (cohort/group).

Now, Let's look at the Baby Boom Generation:

78 Million Members - Children of the Greatest Generation
Born - 1946 - 1964

Significant Events and Experiences: Sputnik, Blockade of Cuba, First man in space (Russian, Yuri Gagarin), JFK Assassination, MLK Assassination, Vietnam War, The Draft, Kent State, "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll," The Cold War (Duck and Cover Drills), Opening of Disneyland

Heroes: Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Annie Oakley, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, The Cisco Kid (and Pancho), Sky King, Captain Midnight, John Glenn (Astronauts), JFK, Jackie O

Cultural Icons: The Beatles, Dick Clark, TV Sets (Black and White), Mickey Mouse

Values and Preferences:
Hard work (Workaholics)
Team Oriented
Personal Gratification
Personal Growth
Health and Wellness
Prefer Face-to-Face
Nuclear Families

Working with Baby Boomers:
Involve and Recognize
Provide Structure
Speak to them

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