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February 23, 2018

Generational Marketing 3 - Generation X

Born 1965 - 1981

It is important to first understand Generational Differences and how Generational attitudes and philosophies are formed and influenced.

This knowledge will give you insight into the best way to communicate and market to members of each Generation (cohort/group).

Now, Let's look at the Baby Boom Generation:

Generation X
Baby busters
48 Million Members of this Cohort
Original "Latch Key Kids"

Significant Events:

No-Fault Divorce was made popular when this cohort was growing up.
Two incomes to support a family was the norm.

Challenger - Televisions were rolled into every elementary school in the country to watch Challenger take off with a school teacher onboard.

Heroes - This group has no

Values and Preferences:

Fierce Independence
Work is just a job
Enjoy Autonomy

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