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February 20, 2018

Generational Marketing

It is important to first understand Generational Differences and How Generational attitudes and philosophies are formed and influenced.

Let's look at each of the current Generations and their influencers.

1901 - 1945 - Civic Generation (Silent Generation, GI Generation)

My parents were of this generation. Consider the seminal events that happened during their lifetime that shaped their lives, their beliefs, their philosophies, and their actions. My parents and their Generation were survivors of Pearl Harbor, World War II, and the Great Depression.

There Heroes and Cultural Icons were Superman, Douglas MacArthur, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Chester Nimitz and George Patton.

Values and Preferences:
Hard working, Dedicated and willing to sacrifice for long periods of time.
Civic-minded and patriotic
Stability and security are very important
Respect for authority
Delayed gratification
Work together for common goals

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