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November 13, 2018

Emerging Marketing Strategies - “Where’s the Beef?”

For REALTORS® to compete successfully in an evolving online and connected world, they must create and implement marketing strategies that take into consideration not only changes in technology but also changes in consumer expectations and attitudes as well as changes made by their competitors. Everyone is jockeying for position in a race where no one is quite sure of either the starting line or the finishing line.

The above is not to be taken lightly as REALTORS® (all businesses for that matter) have limited marketing resources and must be careful how those resources are deployed. Our REALTOR® associations, to better serve our membership, must stay informed of industry and technology changes in their local as well as national markets if they are to refer to themselves as professional associations with any degree of credibility.

If associations are to serve as a member resource, they must be not only able to look at the marketing landscape today but also be able to gather information for members about future marketing possibilities. Too early adoption of some technologies can be just as costly as too late adoption, to be continued.

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