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January 19, 2019


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In proximity to; adjoining or abutting; near, coterminous (having the same boundaries). Many state subdivision laws define a subdivision to include any land consisting of two or more lots, contiguous or not, offered as part of a common promotional plan of advertising and sale. Condominium property does not have to be contiguous either (as when it includes a parking lot across the street), but it must be in the same vicinity. Contiguous owners must yield, to a reasonable degree, their privacy to the general welfare of the community. For example, reasonable inconvenience may be suffered by owners whose properties are contiguous to commercial enterprises and railroads.

Often a partial release clause in a mortgage may require that a partial release be given only on a parcel that is contiguous to a parcel previously released. The term contiguous should be precisely defined so the release clause will not be challenged on grounds of uncertainty and vagueness.

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