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March 9, 2018

Change, Paradigms and Paradigm Shifts

"When a Paradigm Shifts, everyone goes back to zero."

"Your past success guarantees nothing when a paradigm shifts. In fact, your past success may blind you from seeing the future."

Take the 21 minutes to watch this video. I believe it will have a major, positive impact on your thoughts, and possibly your future actions.

In 1991 I was the newly elected Vice President of the San Diego Association of REALTORS and attended my first strategic planning retreat in Murrieta Hot Springs. The facilitator was a young Ann Bailey.

After that event, I purchased the license to show this video and have used it in Leadership and Strategic Planning sessions over the last 25 years, for Association, MLS, and Broker planning sessions.

The video by Joel Barker is a mind opener. Everyone is warning of change and acceptance of change. It is almost humorous because major change is not new at all. Viewing this will open your mind to change and a lot more.

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