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2007-04-20 08:00:00

7 Ways to Beef Up Your Business with Supra eKEY

The days of agents using sign in sheets to document showing appointments at homes for sale are behind us.  Do you really want other agents to know how many people are seeing your listings?  If I were a buyer’s agent and showing homes to a client I would look at the agent sign in sheet at the home to see who I recognize and count the number of visits.  If I recognize agents' name I would call them and ask their opinions about the property.  I would also look for inspectors, appraisers, and other professionals listed on the sheet. 

A two-week listing with no names on the sign in sheet could signify an overpriced house.  A two-week listing with many names would red flag that the property was under conditioned for the asking price or a major defect kept buyers from making an offer.  If we are trying to represent the best interest of our sellers why would we tip a buyer’s agent on previous showings?  We do it because it is the same thing we have done for years. 

Supra lock box and showing solutions has stepped up with a newer system which will eliminate the sign in sheet and protect sellers in many ways.  Feedback will soon all become electronic and the daily grind of making those calls to hear what agents think will be eliminated. 

Below are ways the seven ways to beef up your business using the Supra eKey:

1. Keep track of listings.  Listing inventory can be recorded on the system two ways.  First if you release the shackle on any lock box system the information about the property will be stored on your eKEY and when synched, it will display as a listing in the database.  Second, if you go to the website you can manually enter in the MLS number to store the listing.  Brokers and agents can go online to access the feedback application and showings that have taken place. 

2. Monitor showings.  Have you ever wondered who walked through and when they did?  A time may not always be as accurate as one would indicate on paper.  The Supra lock box system will track automatically who went through at the exact time that the key was accessed.  Depending on which level of the Supra service you have invested you can access the entire list of showings and them e-mail the list to the sellers with the agents' names, company, and contact information.  Showings can also be viewed on your wireless device if you have one of those as well.

3. Secure feedback.  Every seller looks for feedback on at least a weekly basis and deserves a level of service that is accurate and consistent.  The professional level service Supra offers will give the list of showings as mentioned earlier.  In addition there is a tab which will allow you edit or add feedback.  A new screen will display that will ask several questions.  You can call from your office and ask showing agents whether the buyer’s were interested or not, find out their price opinion, and an extra section for comments.  This can then be saved and emailed to the seller.  Set up a task reminder in your contact management software so it will be performed ritually.

4. Use call before showings.  For higher end listings that we many times feel so protected of our sellers that we must accompany showing agents to the property because we don’t want agents to have access unless they have called previously.  You can set up a system for a listing where they will need a certain code in order to access the key from the box.  This is a recommended procedure for listings that have pets or deserve restricted access. 

5. Access agent roster.  Every agent that belongs to your local multiple listing service can be called directly from your wireless device if you have installed the eDATA application on your wireless PDA.  Only one download require for the phone to access this data and it is refreshed on a daily basis according to MLS membership.  This will save you time running to your computer to find an agent’s phone number because the system will have every one of them. 

6. Access data quickly.  Searching for homes nearby has never been easier.  You must go to the website in order to configure your market area.  Once this is done and synced with your wireless PDA, you are able to search for homes for sale, pendings and solds. 

7. Find hot listings instantly.  Hotsheets are golden.  If you use hotsheets on the MLS you love them.  The PDA hot listings feature will let you see everything new on the market by being highlighted in bold.  The market area must me configured from the Supra website to utilize this task.  This is a quick way to find new listings on the market without having to login to your computer.

As REALTORS® begin to incorporate the new technology with the Supra eKEY program they will be able to provide better service to both buyers and sellers.  When introduced in July 2006 many were disappointed with the change because they were force to learn something new.  Others balked because they might have to spend a little more to accomplish the same task.  Why change?  Al Rodgers says “In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  Service and efficiency will keep your name on more yard signs.  Supra eKEY professional will help you do all of those things and more.

(Doug Devitre is a Certified e-PRO Trainer for the National Assn. of REALTORS®.  You can find out more information about his training programs at or email.) 

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