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2007-04-06 07:01:00

7 Real Estate Sales Tips from Joe Klock

Tip # 1 -- A Reality Check (Only IF you really want to know!)

Here's a self-test on selling fundamentals.

Each "no" answer highlights a chance to better yourself -- starting this very day!

KNOWLEDGE: Have you taken advantage of all your educational opportunities? Do you really know everything there is to know about the properties and services that you sell? Are you up to snuff on the "how to's" of your chosen vocation?

APPEARANCE: Are you always as careful about your grooming as you were when you faced your first customer? Do you dress to meet their expectations, rather than your comfort zone? 

PLANNING: Do you know in advance where you want all of your minutes to go?  And, later, will you know where all of them went? Do you maximize the time you spend nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes and eyeball-to-eyeball with prospective buyers and sellers?

PROSPECTING: Are you using as many business cards now as you did during your first year in the business?  Are you asking for referrals at every opportunity?  Are you keeping in touch with old friends and past customers?

PROMISES: Do you always -- that is, ALWAYS -- keep your word?  Stay in touch with your sellers?  Return phone calls promptly? Meet your obligations at home?

FITNESS: Are you exercising every day (at least a brisk walk)?  Getting enough sleep?  Watching your weight? Having fun once in a while?

OBJECTIVITY: Would your spouse, significant other, closest associates and/or immediate superior answer the above questions exactly the same way you did? Honest to Pete? (Maybe you'd best run through that list again!)

Tip #2 -- Stay on the Sunny Side!

A 2002 study by the Mayo Clinic, reported in The Christophers News Notes, found that optimists decreased their risk of early death by 50 percent, compared with pessimists.

FOOTNOTE: Add that stunning statistic to the list of things that are more a matter of CHOICE than of CHANCE.

Also, as we've been preaching for years, optimists are healthier, happier and more productive than the Gloomy Guses and Negative Nellys around them.

CHOOSE to expect good things and you'll automatically improve your chances of realizing them!

Tip #3 -- The Useless Noise and Weird Report
A well-known national magazine with a similar-sounding name to the caption above recently published an article in which "real estate agent" was listed as the eighth most "overrated job" in the country.

In this reported "hall of shame," the only worse occupations were ad executives, attorneys, chefs, chiropractors, nonprofit managers, police officers and psychologists.

The author, a self-styled "career coach," says he came to these remarkable conclusions after thousands of confidential counseling sessions with real-world professionals.

He defines an overrated job as one in which its "mystique exceeds reality," observing (perhaps accurately) that selling real estate appeals to many non-practitioners as an easy way to earn big money.

He gloomily cites that, among other obstacles to success, "there's a real estate agent on every corner" and "the demand for agents is declining, since the Internet makes it possible to buy and sell property with little or no help from a professional."

The magazine simply adds: "Competition and the uncertain house market. Enough said."
Well, that's NOT enough from this old bird's point of view!

While it can be legitimately argued that a lot of people see real estate (from the outside looking in) through the proverbial rose-colored glasses, the fact remains that real estate is the best-paying hard work and the worst-paying easy work on the planet.

Last year (as in all previous years), real estate sales professionals were paid exactly what they were worth in terms of solving the problems of would-be buyers and sellers.

This year, even if the customers are less numerous in many markets, those problems will be abundant, as will the rewards earned by those professionals willing and able to solve them.
There's NO way to overrate that skill in any field of endeavor, Coach!

Tip #4 -- This Is A Stick-Up!
As a daily reminder of things you shouldn't forget, prepare a few motivational "Post-it" notes or small labels and place them where they will be seen frequently (e.g., dashboard, computer monitor , bathroom mirror, card case, desktop, cell phone, billfold, bedside table, refrigerator, briefcase, etc.).

The best messages are short, punchy ones, like "DO IT NOW!" and "BOUNCE BACK!" and "THINK WIN!".

They are often the first things forgotten when the going gets tough and the tough need to get going again!

Tip #5 -- Do It the 'Write' Way!
Whenever you've given a commitment to someone to do something in the future, ALWAYS make an immediate note of it.

Then, first chance you get, transfer that note to your Personal Digital Assistant, calendar, or tickler file, so you can't possibly forget it.

If, when you follow through, they've forgotten the promise, you'll be an instant hero; but if you forget and they do not, you'll be a bum.

Play it safe (and go for hero): As the old saying goes, "a short note is better than a long memory."

Corollary: The same principle applies when promises are made to you, although heroism might be a less likely reward.

Tip #6 -- Support Your Supporters
The story is told of a visiting organist who was giving a concert at a very old church.
At intermission, he stepped backstage, where an elderly man was resting from the chore of pumping air into the ancient pipe organ.

"We're giving them quite a show, aren't we?" asked the pumper.

"What do you mean 'we,' old man?" was the curt retort, "I'm the one giving this concert!"

With that, he returned to the stage, seated himself at the console, waited until a hush fell on the audience, raised his hands and, with a dramatic flourish, struck the keyboard.

There was no sound! He tried once more with the same embarrassing result, then excused himself and went back to the old man.

 "You were right, sir," he said softly, "WE are giving them quite a show!"

And the concert resumed.

Remember that story next time you fail to recognize the contributions made to your success by those who work in the background.

It takes only a kind word or simple gesture to reassure them that they are appreciated and to assure yourself of their continued (and much-needed) support.

Tip #7 -- The Wait Is (Almost) Over

As heralded in the current issue of The REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL, "The Real World Of Selling Real Estate" is in the hands of the printer and will be ready for distribution within a couple of weeks. (Our sincere gratitude to the loyal band of pre-ordering folks for their patience through some unforeseen production delays.)
Thanks, too, to the famed Howard Brinton of STAR POWER Systems for this ringing endorsement (one of many from real estate celebrities): "As I began my career, I was fortunate to be exposed to Joe Klock. His information was rock-solid, his wit unparalleled, and he gave me the understanding of how to succeed in real estate. Readers of his book will have the same keys to success, delivered in a manner that is engaging and practical by a man with the sage wisdom of someone who's been there and done that."

These 400-plus pages have been culled from years of newsletters like this one and other samples of Joe's writings, covering attitude, work habits, personal behavior, communications, customer relations, prospecting, buyers, sellers and self-improvement.

Especially in this challenging market, it is a "must read" and "must keep as future reference" for both newcomers to and veterans of  real estate marketing.

(Joe Klock is the author of a 432-page collection of sales tips. World renowned trainer Tom Hopkins says, "The wit and wisdom of Joe Klock is a great tool to lift you up as you face the daily challenges of the wonderful world of real estate sales." )

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