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2007-01-30 09:13:00

5 Tips for Building an e-mail List

Dan WeisCultivating a list of e-mail addresses is the first step in developing a successful Internet marketing campaign. There are several essentials in a game plan to kick off an e-mail campaign with a real estate database.

Game Plan Tip #1. Call all of your clients, family and friends and ask for their preferred e-mail addresses. Use caution before using company e-mail. Some companies monitor their employees and do not permit personal e-mail.
Game Plan Tip #2. Determine what you want to e-mail to your database. Before undertaking an e-mail campaign, ask yourself, "What's in it for them?" Why would they want to take time to read this e-mail and not just delete it? You may offer them a semi-annual Comparative Market Analysis by e-mail. You may also want to update people when interest rates drop. Offer to have one of your preferred lenders give them a free, no-cost, mortgage re-finance analysis to see if they can save money on a lower rate. There are many things you can send to people. Be creative.
Game Plan Tip #3. Mail a postcard or letter to your database asking for their eMail addresses. Announce a random drawing for a dinner for two, or a DVD player or other prize, for all who send you their e-mail addresses. (Make sure this type of promotion is legal in your state. Check with the broker.)

Game Plan Tip #4. Set a goal to get two to three new eMail addresses every day. Be diligent in you efforts and by the end of a year, you will have almost 1,000 e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses are GOLD!

Important notice: People change their eMail addresses much more frequently than their phone numbers, so ber sure to get their phone numbers in case you have tocall them for new eMail addresses.
Game Plan Tip #5. Do not spam your database. Many people get up to several hundred spam e-mails each day. It is time consuming to delete spam messages and be alert for e-mail messages from people you know. If your database learns to rely on receiving informational eMails from you on a consistent basis, they will come to expect it and be eager to see what you send each time.
(This article was taken from an e-PRO educational Listserv post submitted by Dan Weis, Real Estate Agent Success Coach.)

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