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2008-04-11 18:39:00

5 Steps to a Powerful RealTown Profile

Your RealTown Profile is your face on RealTown.  Every time you contribute to RealTown, your profile is updated with your most recent activity.  Here are five easy steps to make your RealTown profile work for you.

Step 1:  View and Update Your Profile

Make sure that the information included in your profile is always current.  To view your profile, login to and click the View my Profile link on the right side of the screen.

Even if everything looks great, you might not have completed all of the fields we have provided.  To add or change your profile, go back and click the Edit my Profile link on the right side of the screen,  walk through the Profile Editor Wizard, which consists of seven sections. 

 Be sure to click Save and Continue at the end of each section to save your changes.

Personal -  You can edit your name and choose a display name.  You can also input your gender and birthday as these are search criteria.

Contact - You can add and edit your contact information.  You can add as many e-mail addresses as you want to our system as well as your phone number, links to your other online profiles, etc.  Fill this section out as completely as you can for  search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. You can privatize much of this data and hide much of this information from the public view via the Permissions section.

Profession - Choose a primary and a secondary profession.  If you are a Real Estate Professional, be sure to select Licensed Real Estate Agent as your profession so you show up in our Find a Real Estate Agent directory search.

About - This is the section where you will input your biography, specializations, and/or experience.

Details - Input as many or as few interests as you want.  Once these changes are live, all of your hobbies, organizations, activities, etc. will become links on your profile.  Clicking this link from your profile will display all members who chose the same hobby, interest, etc., making it easy to find people with common interests.  You may also notice the box that pops up next to each field, this displays the current most popular items in each category.  Clicking one of the links in this box adds the detail to your profile.

Picture - You can upload your photo.  If you already had a photo and it looks fuzzy, simply re-upload it to fix the error.  A photo is very important as it will display on every item you contribute to RealTown.

Permissions - From this tab you can hide any information you don’t want displayed to the general public.  You can choose to hide your contact information from everyone, or just non-members of RealTown.

Step 2:  Include a Professional Biography and List Your Credentials

If you are looking for referrals at RealTown, it is important to include your professional biography as well as your credentials, designations, and certifications.  This is information the consumer and your peers will find important.  You can input this information in the About tab of your profile editor.

Step 3:  Select ‘RealEstate Agent’ as Profession to be Included in Agent Search Selection

If you are a licensed Real Estate Agent, be sure to select that from the list of professions in the Professions tab. This will ensure that your name and profile link will be displayed when someone searches for a Real Estate Agent specifically.

Step 4:  Network

Networking is the reason that RealTown was created.  Why not create or join a group?  Your group can have any topic, you can invite all your clients, invite all your club members, or your car buddies. ;) You can invite anyone to join your group, they don’t even need to be a RealTown member yet (they will have to create a RealTown account to join your group — but it’s free and easy).  Even if you are only a lurker on RealTown, its communities and its groups, you probably have a few people you often agree with or learn from.  Why not ask them to be your friends?  You can add friends via the Member Search on the Profile Page.

As RealTown grows, there will be more features tied to your friends.  Having someone on your friends list will make it easier for you to visit their profile and blog.  From their profile, you are able to see the most recent contributions they have made to RealTown with the click of a button.

Step 5:  Participate in the Community

RealTown can’t grow without your participation, but your participation doesn’t just help us, it helps you too!  Every time you post to a RealTown community or group, or post a blog entry or article, that post will link back to your profile, AND we add a link to the new content on your profile.  This helps your profile’s SEO as it constantly gets updated with new content, and there are more and more links to your profile in RealTown.  When someone stumbles across your profile, they are easily able to see what you have contributed to RealTown and get to know you, both on a professional and personal level.

By now it should be clear that your profile is key to making your presence known on RealTown and the rest of the Internet.  Wouldn’t you like to be one of the first names listed on Google when someone searches for a real estate professional in your city?  If your RealTown profile comes up, the consumer will have everything (s)he needs to know about you: your bio, links to your web site, your blog, and links to pretty much everything you have contributed to RealTown, THE Real Estate Network. 

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