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January 17, 2019

Four Tips to Create the Perfect Podcast

Lights are on; the microphone is ready for a worldwide audience.  The podcaster demonstrates expertise to excite listeners on a chosen topic.  Real estate professionals can now create their own radio show and put it in the pocket of millions starving for information.

The Evolution of Audio

Audio format has evolved from record, to 8-track cassette, to tape, to CD, to today's MP3 becoming the standard to listening to music.  A new system involves a new pattern of behaviors to learning new software and new buttons enhance performance, style, and mobility with MP3 music players.  Rise in the number of channels and decreased cost of entry has now allowed anyone with an internet connection to distribute anything they want and listen to whatever they want.  Learn these four Tips on how to produce your own perfect podcast in minutes to capture a whole new audience in minutes.

1.  Get Ready for Prime Time 

a. Select a name for the show that is specific to your market. 

b. Schedule frequency of episodes in advance to meet timely deadlines.  Weekly is recommended. 

c. Outline each episode ahead of time, create scripts to simplify episode. 

d. Arrange equipment including a microphone, computer, hardware and software.  Audacity is free audio editing software and works awesome. 

e. Is it going to be just you or will you involve others? 

f. Find royalty free music and add for effect.

2.  Assembly and Production 

a. Choose best possible location to reduce noise background. 

b. Record episode using Audacity or other audio editing software. 

c. Adjust Audio Quality to enhance the audio quality of the episode. 

d. Edit episode using audio editing software. 

e. Insert tags to make music searchable on software and syndication feeds. 

f. Produce final .MP3 file that will be uploaded to RSS feed.

3.  Launch

a. Give the episode a catchy title. 

b. Write a quick 200-word or less description about who, when, what, happened during the episode. 

c. Insert a picture for podcast that identifies your team or business logo. 

d. Upload to podcast hosting company to maximize exposure.

4.  Generate Publicity

a. Get heard internationally using iTunes. 

b. Market the podcast on your website and blog. 

c. Create hyperlinks in email marketing messages, signatures, and auto-responders. 

d. Maximize exposure on other online social networking websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

e. Market podcast on other subscription-based software.

Play Your Cards

If you play your cards right then, you will be able to create this professional real estate radio show in no time with an investment of $9 a year.  If the podcast is listened to over 1,000 times per year, then the return on investment is $0.009 per person.  Compare that to what you spent in postcards and calendars last year.  A podcast will not run itself.  A dedicated plan, choice of topics, and dedication to detail will increase the number of listeners, demonstrate your ability to be the market leader and lead to closed transactions.

(Doug Devitre is a recognized national speaker on internet marketing and real estate technology.  Please e-mail to for more information on how to create your own podcast, previously written articles, and technology training programs.) 

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