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2008-02-18 14:43:00

3 Essentials to Making Marketing Magic With Video

Print brochures, static text on a web site, and plain Jane pictures are simple ways to advertise listings for sale.  But why not offer something more?  Why not offer something that gets your customers to say , "WOW!"?  The answer is video.  Video recording devices, software, and hosting platforms are becoming less expensive.  Newly developed solutions simplify the process at each step --  from recording the video to the final result.  There three major pieces to the video puzzle include the hardware, software, and hosting.  The costs for services and products range anywhere from free to thousands of dollars.  Quality videos can be created using cost effective method arises when how the video is utilized.

Below are the three essential items that you may consider if you want to market yourself using video:

1. Hardware 

a. Built in camera (Free).  Laptop or desktop computer may already have built-in device.  Has limited uses since must carry with to record video.

b. Logitech quick cam pro ($99). This video camera plugs right into the laptop using USB.  Comes with software and video avatars.  Great for Skype users.

c. The Flip ($149).  This tiny device records video and USB is attached to device and asks like an external hard drive.  Plug and copy files to video computer on desktop.

d. Sony Handycam ($499 and up).  This expensive device records hours at a time with MemoryStick for storage.  There are several types of these.  Just don’t overspend based on your use.

2. Software

a. Windows Movie Maker (Free).  This comes with Microsoft Windows and almost every computer has it.

b. Camtasia ($299).  This software will record screen shots and demos right from your computer.  Demonstrate how to use your web site in real time without being present.

c. Visual Communicator ($399).  The ultra tech savvy will find a way to make this software work.  Use green screen video and animations to highlight important features or create your own newscasts.

3. Video Hosting

a. YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace (Free).  These web sites will allow to you upload videos and then be able to email them or use the HTML source code to advertise them on your web site.  Drawback is these sites brand their company reducing credibility to your practice.

b. ($6.95/month and up).  Upload movie files to this service for a similar result as YouTube but Screencast prevents from viewing other videos.  This can be emailed, embedded into a web site, or shared with others.

c. Check your web site provider.  Most web site providers already offer this service.  Check to see that you are not overspending compared to others.

d. ($99/month).  Put yourself over your web site.  This is an expensive but effective way of showing video over your web site that convert buyer and seller leads to closed transactions. 

The best web site I have found for technology is  Make sure you perform due diligence to find the most cost effective solutions.  There are several variations of hardware, software, and video hosting but the above demonstrate what has worked for me. 

(Doug Devitre e-PRO, ABR, GRI, CRS, PMN, SRS, Devitre Holdings, LLC.,, 1213 Oakleaf Dr., St. Louis, MO 63119.

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