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2007-04-09 09:47:00

3 Case Studies:Dedicated Web Sites for Single Properties

Spotlight, a single listing web site solution that offers a dedicated web site for individual property listings, has proven to be a powerful method for winning listings when utilized by real estate agents and brokers. Launched in October, 2006, by iHOUSE Web Solutions,  a leader in real estate web site design and online marketing services, Spotlight is a feature rich marketing tool that is:

  • On-demand, without any software required
  • Fast and easy
  • Risk-free, with unlimited "Free Preview" web sites
  • Visually unique, with many attractive design options
  • Branded with the user's contact information
  • Customizable with photos, floorplans, and listing details
  • Helpful to real estate professionals and their clients, with buyer resources and links, and easy-to-upload password, protected documents page

Case Study #1 -- Illinois

"Spotlight is more cost and time effective than anything else that I've seen or used," says Taylor Lindstrom of Prudential Preferred Properties in Winnetka, IL. "Spotlight is appealing in many ways. A really successful Internet campaign includes a dedicated web site with domain name. Compared with other products, I can have a web site for a fraction of the cost of alternative marketing plans ... Spotlight has been a tremendous addition to my marketing plan."

Case Study #2 -- Montana

Myrna Wright of Montana Realty Company of Red Lodge in Red Lodge, MT, plans on using Spotlight single property web sites for all of her residential and commercial properties. "Spotlight has increased our number of listings but also, listen to this, we are now in negotiation for a property that has been on the market with a Spotlight webs ite for nine days!" says Myrna. "We received a bid from a couple that do not live in the area, because they saw the Spotlight web site with all the photos and listing info- they bid on it before they had even stepped foot on the property!

Case Study #3 -- Virginia

"Spotlight offers a powerful method of standing out at listing presentations.  Being able to offer a Spotlight web site and domain name gives me a huge advantage over my competition," says Heather Elias of Long and Foster in Northern VA. "I went to a listing presentation and it was between myself and another agent with a similar background, credentials, and marketing campaign. The difference was that I was offering a Spotlight web site and the other agent was not. The client picked me specifically because I was offering the Spotlight web site. Now I'm in contract negotiation for that listing, it sold in 45 days!" Heather credits 40% percent of her 7.4 million in production to iHOUSE and Spotlight-driven leads.

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