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2007-04-13 12:10:00

3 California MLS Databases Combine to Serve More than 42,000 Agents

Simi Valley, CA, April 12, 2007 — Quattro, a new multiple listing database accessible by more than 42,000 real estate professionals in Northern California, was launched this week. This milestone is the result of a landmark mutual data access agreement between the San Francisco Assn. of REALTORS® (SFAR), MetroList Services, Inc. (MetroList), and Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, Inc. (BAREIS).

Combining information from three MLSs into one database, Quattro is a one-stop source of real-time real estate listing data and provides subscribers with MLS content for 15 California counties, with the ability to expand beyond the current geographic region. Currently, Quattro serves a population of over 5.6 million people and stretches from the San Francisco Bay, through the Northern California Wine Country and Central Valley, to the crest of the Sierra Mountains.

Rapattoni Corp., the MLS system provider for BAREIS, MetroList and SFAR, is hosting the Quattro site which members of all three multiple listing services can access through a single sign-on portal. Rapattoni’s Single Sign-On (SSO) feature enables all Quattro participants to log on one time — using their user ID and password, and Secure Logon token-based authentication — and then have the ability to access other authorized websites without having to log on again.

"Quattro is the perfect solution to MLS information sharing. Our agreement to share data enables us to better serve our membership," said BAREIS CEO Jim Branscombe. "We've expanded the availability of data to our members without compromising our local expertise and knowledge in the real estate features unique to our geographic regions."

Tom Beede, MetroList president and CEO, said, "This is an entirely new approach to accessing listing information, maintaining data security and distributing the MLS data from multiple MLS sources. The selection of Rapattoni to be our technology partner was key to making Quattro a reality. More importantly, Quattro greatly enhances the ability of real estate agents to more effectively serve their clients throughout Northern California."

"Local and regional MLSs have great value to the real estate community because they take into account local conditions, governance and practices in their databases and provide users with information and tools they need to compete successfully in a local or regional market," said John Asdourian, president of SFAR.

"This MLS data share venture is noteworthy because it provides full reciprocal access to substantially more data in an efficient and easy-to-use manner, plus the added feature of a fully functional aggregated database," stated Jim Fabris, SFAR Executive Officer. "This is an exciting and expandable platform, leveraging the strengths of existing MLSs while providing their users with expanded access to the information and the tools they need to compete successfully in today's expanded markets, no matter where they may be," said Fabris.

"The BAREIS MLS organization is wholly committed to making this effort a success," said Ed Reiners, chair of the board of Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, Inc. "Driven by changes in the real estate market, we recognized the need to have both a locally focused and customized MLS, and access to multi-regional data. Quattro fulfills the needs of the public and the real estate professionals that serve them by allowing the dissemination of data that was previously limited by traditional boundaries within the industry."

"Quattro is just one more example of how we are helping regional MLSs find innovative data-sharing solutions to meet their needs. Our state-of-the-art technology and scalable system allow us to effectively move our customers forward," said Andy Rapattoni, president and CEO of Rapattoni Corporation. He added, "As Quattro continues to evolve and expand, the software development team will continue to solicit feedback and input to ensure future product enhancements that reflect the needs and desires of the end users."

About Rapattoni MLS

Rapattoni MLS is setting the standard with advanced features such as inter-MLS data sharing, integrated GIS parcel mapping, integrated member management and billing system, advanced RETS data exchange, integrated aerial photography, language translation, an integrated token-based Secure Logon system, and the ability to operate a convenient single sign-on (SSO) identity portal.

About the company

Rapattoni Corp. has been serving the real estate industry under the same name and management for 37 years. The company provides an array of integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations including Internet MLS systems, association management software, and Secure Logon for multiple listing, transaction management and Internet member services. Rapattoni is fully certified as a NAR REALTOR® Secure provider. Rapattoni is continuing its rapid growth as an MLS system provider with more than 100 MLS organizations under contract and approximately 250,000 agents served. Rapattoni's headquarters and state-of-the-art Internet data center are located in Simi Valley, California.

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