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Lake Oswego Police Blotter

Date: Dec. 14, 2009
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Today I typically write something off the wall, different, of personal interest or whatever isn't related to real estate.  Recently at a local Starbucks®, a Lake Oswego Police Officer and a Clackamas County Sheriff were joking back and forth about what was going on in Lake Oswego, at least as far as crime, breaking of the law, etc.  Both indicated there isn't much that goes on in our small town - Lake Oswego.  That reminded me that I've been wanting to write this post for a long time.  I want to personally thank our Lake Oswego Police Department because I've had many embarrassing moments and have needed someone in uniform to come to my rescue.  The LO Police always have.

Our Lake Oswego Police Department has helped me in countless ways:

  • In a past post I wrote I had another agent's buyer arrested and put in jail the morning of a closing.  It was the Lake Oswego Police Department that came to my rescue.  The Portland Police Department would have thought I was crazy, but Lake Oswego took the time to not only listen but act on my intuition...based only on a gut feeling I had.
  • One late night I drove home and opened the wrong side of the garage door with the opener.  I immediately pressed the remote to close it and opened the side I drive in.  I went upstairs and went to bed.  Next thing I knew, I had a flashlight shining on my face.  Apparently, the neighbors across the street had seen the garage door open and never close.  It hit a box coming down and reopened and stayed open.  They knew I never opened that side so they came to the house and rang the doorbell to let me know the door was still open late that night.  They didn't know my doorbell wasn't working and when I didn't answer they called me on the phone.  I didn't hear it ring.  They proceeded to call the police who came in the house to see if everything was ok and were shining their flashlight on me to my embarrassment.
  • A large truck delivered brick to a neighbor and coming around the corner, ran over and knocked down my brick mail box.  After many repeated calls to the contractor to repair my mailbox and never responding, it was the LO Police that finally got the contractor to return and rebuild my mailbox.
  • Last year during our Arctic Blast, I got stuck at the Lake Oswego Post Office.  Just as I was getting frantic, a LO Police Officer drove by, saw me and helped by pushing me back out into the street.
  • And lastly recently,  apparently the 911 dispatcher in LO received a call from my cell phone with no response from me.  They thought they had heard a baby crying in the background and attempted to reach me a couple of times on my cell to no avail.  They left a message and I returned their call.  By that time, the officer was on his way over to my house to see if I was ok...there was no baby in the house and I don't know how my cell phone wound up calling 911.  However, they were concerned and wanted to make sure I was ok.

Now, I'm from Los Angeles, and trust me, none of the above would have ever happened in LaLaLand.  There's a real advantage to living in a small town which I consider Lake Oswego to be. 

Thank you, Lake Oswego Police Department, for going above and beyond...I really appreciate it.  In the whole scheme of things, I know there's lots going on that's much more important but I thank you, you're the best.

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