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The InternetCrusade® organized its Association Services Division to provide resources and continued servicing to our many REALTOR Association clients and friends.

Our Mission is to support Association Executives and Support Staff in their efforts to guide REALTORS®  toward the effective use of technology and the Internet in their everyday business.

AETalk - Online Community that networks over 1200 AEs across the country in daily online discussions of key issues affecting Associations.

MLSTalk & MLSInformation - Online Communities that networks MLS Staff across the country in daily online discussions of key issues affecting MLS's.

Strategic Planning and Leadership Programs, Educational Programs for State Conventions, Technology Fairs, and local events Products and programs designed for Associations.

Online Elections - "One Person One Voice" Online Voting & Surveys, taking the hassle out of Officer & Director, By-Laws Elections and Membership surveys.
More Information:

FREE Services we provide for REALTOR Associations

Web Hosting - We offer 30 MB of hosting for free when you host your domain and/or eMail Services with us. If you are having a webmaster design a site, we would give FTP or Microsoft® FrontPage access to the space, which can support ASP or PHP pages. (Inquire about our Database Hosting, supporting MS SQL & MySQL, optional at $299/yr.)

If you do not have a webmaster and would like to utilize a web-based application template, we offer one for free as well. It is manageable by the beginner with options that allow you to add your own pages right from Microsoft Word!

Listservs - This Free service allows members to share thoughts and ideas about the business of real estate, utilizing a moderator. It also allows the association staff to pass along information about events and new laws that affects their members – and realize feed back from those members through this venue. If you would like a tour of the access software, we would be happy to show you how easy this is to handle.

Affiliate Programs/Revenue Sharing Opportunities

Member Services - InternetCrusade can provide technology solutions to membership in the form of e-mail products (POP accounts, e-mail forwarding, web-based accounts) and web products (web applications such as InternetMarketingKit, Community Board). What a great way to make non-dues related revenue for your association while providing a valuable service for your members and increasing traffic on your website.

For further information on our Association Services, please contact Director Tim Fears at TimFears@InternetCrusade.com or at 619-283-7302 ext. 601.