Association of the Day

Association of the day

Albany (Georgia) Association of REALTORS

Nice, simple building with plenty of parking. Buildings help create culture and community.

Are you serving on a committee, Board of Directors, or serving as an Officer of your REALTOR Association or MLS?

Anyone here from Albany GA?

Association of the day

Anderson South Carolina Association of REALTORS

Buildings are at the center of our lives, be it a home, or an office. Office buildings help create the culture of the organization or business. They also communicate a message to the public.

When I was doing ePRO Training Events around the US, I loved visiting the Carolinas, for many reasons, not the least of which is my taste for Sweet Tea 

Association of the day

Abilene Association of REALTORS

Buildings help create the mood and culture of an organization.

As REALTORS, buildings are a big part of our professional and personal identities as well.

There are over 1000 REALTOR Association buildings around the US, and I have been to most of them..most more than a few times!

I was doing my Dallas Area week and I needed another event to fill the week. "Will you drive from Dallas to Abilene to do an event" I was asked?
"Sure" was my reply.

I loved the Abilene Executive Officer, Marv Gerard. Many of you will remember Marv. I agreed to drive from Dallas to Abilene and back...

Long road to hoe :-)

Association of the day

Anne Arundel County Association of REALTORS

It was always a treat to return to Maryland, where I attended the Naval Academy from 1968 - 1972.

Buildings help create culture. Tom Quattlebum and his great staff always took care of me, and I always looked forward to driving where I could once only ride (as a Midshipman)

Association of the day

Ann Arbor Association of REALTORS®

I always enjoyed visiting my Michigan REALTOR® friends. My dad was born and raised in Michigan, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the state. Buildings help create culture, loyalty, and belonging. When is the last time you visited your association?

Association of the day

Austin Association of REALTORS®

I know that these are the old building, and the new building is fantastic (I have seen it and toured it, but can't find the images this morning).

I recently headed to Autin and the Texas Association meetings to address the MLS committee on the future seen through the prism of time.

A little-known story is the history of listings on the internet: Austin was the first MLS to agree to have their listings on REALTOR.DotCom and the Board of Directors were ready to step to the plate and pay $1 per listing per month for the entire Austin inventory. But the price dropped to "free" before any money changed hands.

Back in August 1995, Austin Executive Officer, David Foster sent me an email after my presentation to the Austin BOD. We discussed placing listings in Austin on the web. Interestingly, the listings from the San Diego MLS were already up on REALTOR dot com, but with no "official" contract.

Association of the day

Pasadena Foothills Association of REALTORS®

REALTOR® Association Building of the Day...Pasadena Foothills Association of REALTORS®.

Buildings are part of the culture of organizations. Think about government buildings, school buildings, banks...buildings impart a message to the community and its members. REALTOR Association Buildings are part of our REALTOR® Culture.

When is the last time you visited your association? Have you ever visited other association buildings?

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